Golden crown Electric Co., Ltd.

After 15 years of wind and rain, wepursue it all the way. Golden crown Electric Co., Ltd. (listed on the scienceand Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code: 688517) iscommitted to becoming a craftsman enterprise in the industrial 4.0 era in thepower equipment industry. The company implements the focus strategy and iscommitted to "digging 100 meters deep in one meter" to build its corecompetitiveness.

The company has two core products of"1 + 1", which serve the construction of strong smart grid and smartdistribution network respectively.

The first "1" refers tolightning arrester products. The company's lightning arrester products havethree characteristics: complete product specifications and models, leadingtechnology and high market share. They rank first in the bid winning share ofState Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Corporation formany consecutive years, and the market retention rate of UHV products ranksfirst, The number of 110kV and above arresters in operation in the State GridCorporation of China exceeds 22%. The second "1" refers tointelligent distribution network equipment, including distribution network productssuch as ring network cabinet, column circuit breaker, switch cabinet and boxsubstation. The product technology has reached the domestic advanced level. Inthe bidding of State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power GridCorporation, the winning share has always been among the top.

The company is an innovation drivenenterprise, with R & D centers in Beijing and Xi'an, national enterprisetechnology center, national postdoctoral workstation, Henan UHV transmissionand transformation overvoltage protection equipment engineering technologyresearch center and million volt UHV laboratory. The company has carried outtechnical cooperation and talent training with famous domestic universities andscientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University, North ChinaElectric Power University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Chongqing University,Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences and Wuhan University of technology, andjointly established a "collaborative innovation base" with NorthChina Electric Power University.

The company is a national high-techenterprise, one of the 100 excellent non-public enterprises in Henan Provinceassessed by the Henan provincial Party committee and the Henan provincialgovernment, a leading innovation enterprise in Henan Province, aservice-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise in Henan Province, 50equipment manufacturing enterprises cultivated by Henan Province, and a charityenterprise in Henan Province; It is a member of the national insulator arresterStandardization Committee, vice chairman of insulator arrester branch of ChinaElectrical Industry Association, vice chairman of Henan smart grid industryalliance, and an excellent supplier of State Grid Corporation of China andChina Southern Power Grid Corporation. The golden crown trademark is recognizedas a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry andcommerce.