The scope of ISH 2021 includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Electromagnetic fields: computation, measurements, environmental effects

  • Transient voltages: lightning, switching, repetitive impulses, surge arresters, insulation coordination, over-voltage protection, EMC

  • High voltage and high current testing techniques: test procedures, measurements, evaluation, partial discharges, space charges, dielectric characteristics, emerging test techniques

  • Advanced materials and insulation systems: outdoor, indoor, solid, liquid and gas insulated, nanodielectrics, eco-friendly and other new materials, novel insulation system

  • Monitoring and diagnostics: intelligent sensing, big data, artificial intelligence, asset management, live-line working, maintenance and repair, safety considerations

  • HVDC technologies and systems: design problems, testing and measuring techniques, advanced HVDC systems

  • High voltage engineering problems in future power grids: distribution generations, smartening of power networks, and integration of renewable energies

  • Industrial applications of high voltage: non-energy applications in different fields

  • Other related issues


For the uploading of your paper to the 22nd International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH 2021) use Online Submission System.

  • Paper should be written in English.

  • Paper are limited to six pages, including all text, references, figures, and tables.

  • The papers of the ISH2021 International Conference will be published in THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (IET). All authors should prepare their papers carefully in accordance with the requirements of IET. Papers that do not meet the requirements of IET will not be accepted. The work of the paper must be original and unpublished. All authors are requested to control the quality of their papers in accordance with the requirements of IET. Plagiarism is absolutely not allowed. The paper and copyright agreement must be submitted together. The paper template and copyright agreement can be downloaded on the homepage of the ISH2021 website (

  • Notification about paper acceptance will be submitted by email. Authors can participate in the ISH2021 via offline or online conference based on the Covid-19 pandemic situation in each country.


English is the working language of the conference. If English is not your native language, please take care about the correct English, e.g., check by a native English speaker or similar. Please note that your paper is subject to further review and it may be rejected if it is deemed that the English of your paper is not acceptable.

Abstract Submission

Full Paper Submission

Please submit your full paper via the paper submission system with the same ID. You can see your abstract when you log in the system. Choose 'modify' to submit your full paper.

Submission Specification for Conference Papers for publication on the IET Digital Platform

1.Submission requirements

Conference papers must satisfy the following requirements:

1.1Manuscript Submission

1.1.1Originality: Is the work scientifically rigorous, accurate and novel? Does the work contain significant additional material to that already published? Has its value been demonstrated?

1.1.2Plagiarism: All conference papers submitted to the IET for publication must record original work which has not been published previously. Any alleged cases of plagiarism will be dealt with according to the ‘IET Policy in Relation to Plagiarism, Infringement of Copyright and Infringement of Moral Rights and Submission to Multiple Publications’.

1.1.3Multiple submissions: The IET does not permit manuscripts included in its conference proceedings to be simultaneously under review for another conference or publication.   

Once a case of multiple submissions has been established, the paper/s in question will be immediately declined for publication by the IET.

1.1.4Relevance: Is the material appropriate to the scope of the conference to which it is submitted?

1.1.5Clarity: Is the English clear and well written? Poorly written English may obscure the scientific merit of your paper. Are the ideas expressed clearly and concisely? Are the concepts understandable?

2.Post-print Policy

2.1.1The author may post postprints of their conference papers published by the IET on repositories, servers and websites of any sort, provided that these servers are operated by the author's institution or the funding body contributing to the research. To comply with funding requirements, authors may also deposit their conference papers in repositories (or mirror sites) designated by the funding body.

The conditions attached to this are as follows:

2.1.2Access to such servers is not for commercial use and does not depend on payment of access, subscription, or membership fees.

2.1.3The following wording clearly appears on the front page of the post-print:

"This paper is a postprint of a paper submitted to and accepted for publication in Conference Proceedings of conference title and is subject to Institution of Engineering and Technology Copyright. The copy of record is available at IET Digital Library" .

2.1.4The post-print must be the author's version and not the IET version/PDF.

2.1.5The postprint must not be posted prior to publication of the paper by the IET and when posted any preprint version should be removed.


3.1.1An author submitting a paper should ensure that he or she has the right to publish the paper and that it contains nothing defamatory. The IET will assume that all co-authors have agreed to the submission of any paper received.

3.1.2 Your conference paper must be accompanied by a signed copyright form.

3.1.3Copyright: Unless the paper is either "United Kingdom Crown copyright" or "a work of the US Government and in the Public Domain", the Bylaws of the IET require that copyright should belong to the IET.

3.1.4Right to publish: An author submitting a paper should ensure that he or she has the right to publish the paper and that it contains nothing defamatory. The IET will assume that all co-authors have agreed to the submission of any paper received.

4.1 Permissions to Reproduce

4.1.1All authors must secure permission from the copyright holder for reproducing previously published text, figures and tables. The source of the reproduced material must be given in full and the words 'Reproduced by permission of .....' included with the illustration.

Special Issue "Selected Papers from 22nd International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH 2021)"

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